"Is that a house arrest bracelet in your pocket, or do you got a dick like me?"

Heh, lookie once-every-six-month update! =D
I have a job again, woot!
And Cobra Starship is really making me happy in the pants.
I gotta be honest...nobody likes a fibber anyway.

I've officially graduated, and free of that hell-hole called high school.
Thank god, as I really hated most people there.
But, now I'm just relaxing right now, which is nice.
Looking for a second job...not so nice.
Ahh, well. I do what I must.

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Oh hello….


I forgot about you.



Holiday break is almost over.




School starts tomorrow.

Lame x2.



Florida was a fun place for vacation.

There is fucking snow here at home.

I want to go back to FL now.



I didn't get a tan though.

Damn. xD


But I have blue and pink hair :3




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Greetings! there really a reason that I keep posting on this?

Anywhos...hello dears.
How are you?

I'm all right. I've been planning out my escape.
It'll happen.
I'm working quite a lot lately.
School pictures were today. I looked like a prostitute, with cat ears. xD

So yeah, fun times!
Uhhh--I don't know what else.

Come say hello, I'm bored.


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I'm not one to really stay up-to-date with this, am I?

Oh well.

"Hello little children!"
How is everyone on this Sunday--oh shit, it's Monday!

Oh yes, it seems that it is 3.30am at the moment.
How time flies when you're bored out of your mind and only have a hair straightener and and afro to entertain.

Yeah, I should probably go straighten it now, but I can't be assed to do it.

Ummm, so...what's been going on with me, you ask?

trying to get a job
my dad had knee surgery [lmao at him -keeps mean comments to self-]
I haven't started my summer reading
I'm going to Erin Exorcist's house soon. [-dances in circles-]
I need to still take my driver's permit
missed Pride Fest...twice! >:/
I took cds from my friends! =D
I've refrained from killing my summer school class
wrote 9,530,958,305,034 letters to people
read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows <3333 [insert sobs]
saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in 3-D/IMAX [FTMFW!!]
miss Warped Tour...again [damnit-to-fucking-hell!]
I don't know if I can go to Projekt Rev. [-twitch-]

...that's it.
I think.
I'm a boring person.
Someone stop me from being so lame?
Well, fine.
I'll go straighten my hair now.

If anyone has seen a short blonde girl who responds to the name "Gracie Bat"...put her in a box and send her to me.
I miss that one. =/


rofl, I love this.

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Oh dear god, no.

Samantha says:
people are slashing mr. cortez... more than before...
i feel weird just thinkin' about it. he's 'my friend allie's cousin'
way to ruin a slash
Allie says:
I know, how do you think Gracie feels?
...she actually met/talked to him
Samantha says:
i wonder when you'll become interweb famous! =O


Samantha says:
Allie says:  ...oh god, not
Samantha says:
it'll happen, i'm tellin' you. first, you become famous for being matt's cousin. 
then, you get sucked into the slash, via being familia. finally, you get sucked into the slash in a weird 'imma fawk muh famlee' kinda way. =/

xSqueakyxBatx: you know its coming
xSqueakyxBatx: poor Matt, more fiction?

Allie says: Noooooooooooowaaaaaaaaay!
no no no no

Samantha says: the fandom forgot to take its meds today
Allie says: NO!
Samantha says: they do it to mikey and gerard!
and they're brothers.
Allie says: yes, but...
we're cousins!
Samantha says: lol i'm going to scar you for life
Allie: says: ...I don't want to think about that...that'd be uber weird
Samantha says: well, i still stand by you becoming interweb famous
Allie says: and I'd probably cry

um... I don't read slash anymore if that helps?
xSqueakyxBatx: dear, its coming weather you like it or not
xSqueakyxBatx: at least the Matt fandom
xSqueakyxBatx: I think you can escape
xSqueakyxBatx: seeing as you're a GIRL
zandieforlife: I shall!
zandieforlife: thank goodness
xSqueakyxBatx: and most fandom revolves around gay sex

Samantha says: well, you know how you're always 'insert random black girl [that black girl being you] into fic' when you comment on some? 
you'll be the random black girl, smacking a ho around fo messin' wit yo cuzin.
is that scenario better?
Allie says:
 xD, not really

Samantha says:
=/! stop bein' picky
it's bound to happen, tbh
especially how everyone's like 'allie, matt's cousin -rolls eyes- duh'

Allie says:
oh really?
what do you mean?

xSqueakyxBatx: jeez
xSqueakyxBatx: and you'll get into fics and like kick G's ass for messing with your cousins heart and then Frank swoops in on a giant bird and kills everyone.

They're giggling...but I'm not amused.
It better not happen, or I'll be upset.
Okay, thanks.

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ummm, hello!

Maybe it's good to update this every once in a while.

For those who actually read this...
how are you?

In the last two weeks:
- Gracie came to visit
- The Ohio MyChem concert was cancelled
- Gracie left
- I must catch up on homework
- I'm currently procrastinating...

and yeah.


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I've had this for awhile now, but never posted anything.

I'm not in much of a happy mood...but I figured I would post an entry on this.

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